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Charlie's Colorforms City

49 episodes
1 season

Charlie creates fun stories using different shapes, and he needs your help! Take off for adventures in outer space, the Wild West -- and right at home.

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Season 2


We currently have no information regarding season 2.

Cover of the Season 1 of Charlie's Colorforms City

Season 1

26 episodes
Mar 22, 2019

Profile picture of Jacob Soley who plays
Jacob Soley
Profile picture of Saara Chaudry who plays
Saara Chaudry
Profile picture of Tyler Barish who plays
Tyler Barish
Profile picture of Zoe Hatz who plays
Zoe Hatz
Profile picture of Julie Lemieux who plays
Julie Lemieux
Profile picture of Joseph Motiki who plays
Joseph Motiki
Profile picture of Shoshana Sperling who plays
Shoshana Sperling
Profile picture of Adrianna Di Liello who plays
Adrianna Di Liello
Profile picture of Deanne Degruijter who plays
Deanne Degruijter
Profile picture of Stacey DePass who plays
Stacey DePass
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