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Inspector Gadget

124 episodes
4 seasons
64user score

When Dr. Claw returns, Inspector Gadget is brought out of retirement to defeat him again, now with Penny and Brain's open participation.

Cover of the Season 5 of Inspector Gadget

Season 5


There won't be a season 5, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 4 of Inspector Gadget

Season 4

26 episodes
May 18, 2018

Cover of the Season 3 of Inspector Gadget

Season 3

26 episodes
Jun 2, 2017

Cover of the Season 2 of Inspector Gadget

Season 2

20 episodes
Aug 29, 2015

Cover of the Season 1 of Inspector Gadget

Season 1

52 episodes
Mar 27, 2015

Profile picture of Ivan Sherry who plays Inspector Gadget (voice)
Ivan Sherry
Inspector Gadget (voice)
Profile picture of Tara Strong who plays Penny (voice)
Tara Strong
Penny (voice)
Profile picture of Martin Roach who plays Dr. Claw (voice)
Martin Roach
Dr. Claw (voice)
Profile picture of Scott McCord who plays Brain / Professor Von Slickstein (voice)
Scott McCord
Brain / Professor Von Slickstein (voice)
Profile picture of Lyon Smith who plays Talon (voice)
Lyon Smith
Talon (voice)
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