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24 episodes
2 seasons
80user score

Shy Natsu awakens as part of a group chosen to ensure the survival of humanity. Together, they have to survive on a changed Earth.

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Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 2 of 7SEEDS

Season 2

12 episodes
Mar 26, 2020

Cover of the Season 1 of 7SEEDS

Season 1

12 episodes
Jun 28, 2019

Profile picture of Jun Fukuyama who plays Arashi Aota (voice)
Jun Fukuyama
Arashi Aota (voice)
Profile picture of Nao Toyama who plays Natsu Iwashimizu (voice)
Nao Toyama
Natsu Iwashimizu (voice)
Profile picture of Katsuyuki Konishi who plays Semimaru Asai (voice)
Katsuyuki Konishi
Semimaru Asai (voice)
Profile picture of Kazuhiko Inoue who plays Kaname Mozunoto (voice)
Kazuhiko Inoue
Kaname Mozunoto (voice)
Profile picture of Kana Asumi who plays Matsuri Tendō (voice)
Kana Asumi
Matsuri Tendō (voice)
Profile picture of Kensho Ono who plays Ango (voice)
Kensho Ono
Ango (voice)
Profile picture of Takahiro Sakurai who plays Ryô (voice)
Takahiro Sakurai
Ryô (voice)
Profile picture of Yoko Hikasa who plays Hana Sugurono (voice)
Yoko Hikasa
Hana Sugurono (voice)
Profile picture of Yoko Soumi who plays Botan Saotome (voice)
Yoko Soumi
Botan Saotome (voice)
Profile picture of Akira Ishida who plays Chimaki Yamori (voice)
Akira Ishida
Chimaki Yamori (voice)
Profile picture of Junko Minagawa who plays Nijiko (voice)
Junko Minagawa
Nijiko (voice)
Profile picture of Mayumi Asano who plays Ran Shishigaki (voice)
Mayumi Asano
Ran Shishigaki (voice)
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