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Buddy Thunderstruck

23 episodes
1 season
79user score

Follow the outrageous, high-octane adventures of Buddy Thunderstruck, a truck-racing dog who brings guts and good times to the town of Greasepit.

Cover of the Season 2 of Buddy Thunderstruck

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has been canceled.

Cover of the Season 1 of Buddy Thunderstruck

Season 1

23 episodes
Mar 10, 2017

Profile picture of Brian Atkinson who plays Buddy Thunderstruck (voice)
Brian Atkinson
Buddy Thunderstruck (voice)
Profile picture of Ted Raimi who plays Darnell / Moneybags (voice)
Ted Raimi
Darnell / Moneybags (voice)
Profile picture of Harry Chaskin who plays Big Tex / Jacko (voice)
Harry Chaskin
Big Tex / Jacko (voice)
Profile picture of Debi Derryberry who plays Muncie / Mama Possum / Mrs. Weaselbrat (voice)
Debi Derryberry
Muncie / Mama Possum / Mrs. Weaselbrat (voice)
Profile picture of Philip Maurice Hayes who plays Sheriff Cannonball (voice)
Philip Maurice Hayes
Sheriff Cannonball (voice)
Profile picture of Leigh Kelly who plays Deputy Hoisenberry (voice)
Leigh Kelly
Deputy Hoisenberry (voice)
Profile picture of Justin Michael who plays Tex Jr. / Mr. Weaselbrat / Robby Burgles (voice)
Justin Michael
Tex Jr. / Mr. Weaselbrat / Robby Burgles (voice)
Profile picture of Nick Shakoour who plays Artichoke / Auntie Uncle (voice)
Nick Shakoour
Artichoke / Auntie Uncle (voice)
Profile picture of J.D. Ryznar who plays Nick the New Guy (voice)
J.D. Ryznar
Nick the New Guy (voice)
Profile picture of Ryan Wiesbrock who plays Beavers / Handsome Joe / Leroy (voice)
Ryan Wiesbrock
Beavers / Handsome Joe / Leroy (voice)
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