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Cathedral of the Sea

8 episodes
1 season
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In the 14th century, Barcelona is experiencing one of its most prosperous moments. The city has grown to La Ribera, a fishing district in which the largest Marian temple ever known is built: Santa María del Mar. But the construction runs parallel to Arnau Estanyol, a serf of the land who, fleeing the abuses of The feudal lords of the countryside take refuge in Barcelona.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

8 episodes
May 23, 2018

Profile picture of Aitor Luna who plays Arnau Estanyol
Aitor Luna
Arnau Estanyol
Profile picture of Pablo Derqui who plays Joan
Pablo Derqui
Profile picture of Michelle Jenner who plays Mar
Michelle Jenner
Profile picture of Daniel Grao who plays Bernat Estanyol
Daniel Grao
Bernat Estanyol
Profile picture of Andrea Duro who plays Aledis
Andrea Duro
Profile picture of Nora Navas who plays Guiamona Puig
Nora Navas
Guiamona Puig
Profile picture of Jordi Aguilar who plays Cesc
Jordi Aguilar
Profile picture of Silvia Abascal who plays Elionor
Silvia Abascal
Profile picture of Ramón Madaula who plays Hasdai
Ramón Madaula
Profile picture of Críspulo Cabezas who plays Genis Grau
Críspulo Cabezas
Genis Grau
Profile picture of Nathalie Poza who plays Francesca
Nathalie Poza
Profile picture of Ginés García Millán who plays Grau Puig
Ginés García Millán
Grau Puig
Profile picture of Sergio Peris-Mencheta who plays Nicolau Emeric
Sergio Peris-Mencheta
Nicolau Emeric
Profile picture of Josep Maria Pou who plays Sahat
Josep Maria Pou
Profile picture of Anna Moliner who plays Margarida Puig
Anna Moliner
Margarida Puig
Profile picture of Tristán Ulloa who plays Padre Albert
Tristán Ulloa
Padre Albert
Profile picture of Tacho González who plays Rey Pedro
Tacho González
Rey Pedro
Profile picture of Eva Rufo who plays Isabel Puig
Eva Rufo
Isabel Puig
Profile picture of Andrés Lima who plays Ramón Cardona
Andrés Lima
Ramón Cardona
Profile picture of Fernando Sendino who plays Berenguer de Montagut
Fernando Sendino
Berenguer de Montagut
Profile picture of Ariadna Castellano who plays María Cardona
Ariadna Castellano
María Cardona
Profile picture of Fernando Soto who plays Capitán Ferrán Montaner
Fernando Soto
Capitán Ferrán Montaner
Profile picture of Lucía Díez who plays Margarida Puig (niña)
Lucía Díez
Margarida Puig (niña)
Profile picture of Hugo Arbues who plays Arnau Estanyol (niño)
Hugo Arbues
Arnau Estanyol (niño)
Profile picture of Patricia Arbúes who plays Mar (niña)
Patricia Arbúes
Mar (niña)
Profile picture of Álvaro Villaespesa who plays Joan "Joanet" (niño)
Álvaro Villaespesa
Joan "Joanet" (niño)
Profile picture of Julia Carnero who plays Habiba
Julia Carnero
Profile picture of Jonás Berami who plays Simó
Jonás Berami
Profile picture of Natalia de Molina who plays Francesca (joven)
Natalia de Molina
Francesca (joven)
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