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Twenty years after a devastating terrorist attack in 1983 that halted the course of Poland's liberation and the subsequent downfall of the Soviet Union, an idealistic law student Kajetan and a disgraced police investigator Anatol stumble upon a conspiracy that has kept the Iron Curtain standing and Poland living under a repressive police state.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

8 episodes
Nov 30, 2018

Profile picture of Robert Więckiewicz who plays Anatol Janow
Robert Więckiewicz
Anatol Janow
Profile picture of Maciej Musiał who plays Kajetan Skowron
Maciej Musiał
Kajetan Skowron
Profile picture of Michalina Olszańska who plays Ofelia Ibrom
Michalina Olszańska
Ofelia Ibrom
Profile picture of Andrzej Chyra who plays Władysław Lis
Andrzej Chyra
Władysław Lis
Profile picture of Zofia Wichłacz who plays Karolina Lis
Zofia Wichłacz
Karolina Lis
Profile picture of Mirosław Zbrojewicz who plays Kazimierz Świętobór
Mirosław Zbrojewicz
Kazimierz Świętobór
Profile picture of Ewa Błaszczyk who plays Maria Gierowska
Ewa Błaszczyk
Maria Gierowska
Profile picture of Wojciech Kalarus who plays Mikołaj Trojan
Wojciech Kalarus
Mikołaj Trojan
Profile picture of Edyta Olszówka who plays Julia Stępińska
Edyta Olszówka
Julia Stępińska
Profile picture of Krzysztof Wach who plays Maciej Mac
Krzysztof Wach
Maciej Mac
Profile picture of Wiktor Zborowski who plays Janusz Żurawski
Wiktor Zborowski
Janusz Żurawski
Profile picture of Andrzej Grabowski who plays Oskar Modzelewski
Andrzej Grabowski
Oskar Modzelewski
Profile picture of Marcin Bosak who plays Paweł Ibrom
Marcin Bosak
Paweł Ibrom
Profile picture of Filip Gurłacz who plays Filip Torzecki
Filip Gurłacz
Filip Torzecki
Profile picture of Agnieszka Żulewska who plays Maja Skowron
Agnieszka Żulewska
Maja Skowron
Profile picture of Abby Trott who plays Karolina Lis
Abby Trott
Karolina Lis
Profile picture of Andrzej Wichrowski who plays General of Air Force
Andrzej Wichrowski
General of Air Force
Profile picture of Agnieszka Glińska who plays Angelika Torzecka
Agnieszka Glińska
Angelika Torzecka
Profile picture of Aleksandra Justa who plays Zofia Lis
Aleksandra Justa
Zofia Lis
Profile picture of Julian Świeżewski who plays Klemens Brzezinski
Julian Świeżewski
Klemens Brzezinski
Profile picture of Clive Russell who plays William Keating
Clive Russell
William Keating
Profile picture of Mateusz Kościukiewicz who plays Kamil Zaton
Mateusz Kościukiewicz
Kamil Zaton
Profile picture of Sebastian Pawlak who plays Karol Pajak
Sebastian Pawlak
Karol Pajak
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