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Girls from Ipanema

13 episodes
2 seasons
70user score

A 1950s housewife goes to Rio de Janeiro to meet up with her husband, only to learn he's deserted her, but decides to stay and open a bossa nova club.

Cover of the Season 3 of Girls from Ipanema

Season 3


There won't be a season 3, the show has been canceled.

Cover of the Season 2 of Girls from Ipanema

Season 2

6 episodes
Jun 19, 2020

As Malu and her friends move on from their recent tragedy, they take on career challenges, new love possibilities and confront injustices with bravery.

Cover of the Season 1 of Girls from Ipanema

Season 1

7 episodes
Mar 22, 2019

Profile picture of Maria Casadevall who plays Maria Luiza
Maria Casadevall
Maria Luiza
Profile picture of Pathy Dejesus who plays Adélia Araújo
Pathy Dejesus
Adélia Araújo
Profile picture of Larissa Nunes who plays Ivone Araújo
Larissa Nunes
Ivone Araújo
Profile picture of Mel Lisboa who plays Thereza Soares
Mel Lisboa
Thereza Soares
Profile picture of Leandro Lima who plays Chico Carvalho
Leandro Lima
Chico Carvalho
Profile picture of Ícaro Silva who plays Capitão
Ícaro Silva
Profile picture of Gustavo Machado who plays Roberto
Gustavo Machado
Profile picture of Alexandre Cioletti who plays Nelson Soares
Alexandre Cioletti
Nelson Soares
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