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78 episodes
5 seasons
82user score

Follow Yogu and his friends Amalia, Evangelyne, Tristepin, Ruel and Az as they try to rescue the world of Wakfu from destruction.

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Season 5


We currently have no information regarding season 5.

Cover of the Season 4 of Wakfu

Season 4

13 episodes
Feb 9, 2024

In the middle of the Ingloriom, Yugo reunites with his people and meets his mother, the Great Eliatrope Goddess. However, the arrival of this Goddess is not to everyone's taste. The leaders of the various nations categorically refuse to allow the Goddess to intervene on the World of Twelve. Meanwhile, an invasion is in the making... The Necromes, stunted and hungry creatures, travel through portals to different parts of the World of Twelve. Their aim is to seize and feed on all the Wakfu they can find. This unprecedented threat will force Yugo to surpass himself.

Cover of the Season 3 of Wakfu

Season 3

13 episodes
Sep 2, 2017

Several years have passed since their titanic fight against the Primordial Dragons and Ogrest, Yugo, Tristepin and the members of the Tofu Brotherhood lead their lives each on their own: Amalia is preoccupied about the Sadida Kingdom; Evangelyne, pregnant again, and Tristepin are raising their children Elely and Flopin; as for Ruel, he's never far from Yugo. The young Eliatrope is looking for his dragon brother, Adamaï, but he has joined the Brotherhood, an organization with dark intentions, led by the enigmatic Oropo. The kidnapping of Evangelyne and Flopin signals the end of the lull for the Tofu Brotherhood, who set off in pursuit, unaware that they will have to face new trials. What if the future of another world now rested on their shoulders?

Cover of the Season 2 of Wakfu

Season 2

26 episodes
Feb 25, 2011

In the year 982, a few months after the final battle against Nox, the Brotherhood of Tofu is gradually recovering from the death of Tristepin, who fell in battle. Evangelyne constantly hears Tristepin talking to her, telling her to save him, but no one believes her, thinking that she believes in Chimeras. She therefore leaves alone for Rubilaxia, the place indicated by Pinpin. Yugo and Adamaï, for their part, will discover a little more about their Eliatrope origins.

Cover of the Season 1 of Wakfu

Season 1

26 episodes
Oct 30, 2008

It's the year 981, and Yugo, a young child who was entrusted 12 years ago to Alibert, an innkeeper and former bounty hunter, learns of his powers while cooking: he can create teleportation portals. From that moment on, he learned from his adoptive father about his true family, which he had been keeping secret until that very day. For Yugo, it's time for adventure, with the help of his friends!

Profile picture of Thomas Guitard who plays Tristepin de Percedal (voice)
Thomas Guitard
Tristepin de Percedal (voice)
Profile picture of Geneviève Doang who plays Evangelyne (voice)
Geneviève Doang
Evangelyne (voice)
Profile picture of Fanny Bloc who plays Yugo (voice)
Fanny Bloc
Yugo (voice)
Profile picture of Adeline Chetail who plays Amalia Sheran Sharm (voice)
Adeline Chetail
Amalia Sheran Sharm (voice)
Profile picture of Xavier Fagnon who plays Ruel Stroud (voice)
Xavier Fagnon
Ruel Stroud (voice)
Profile picture of Jérémy Prévost who plays Adamaï (voice)
Jérémy Prévost
Adamaï (voice)
Profile picture of Caroline Lallau who plays Elely (voice)
Caroline Lallau
Elely (voice)
Profile picture of Karl-line Heller who plays Flopin (voice)
Karl-line Heller
Flopin (voice)
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