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Masters of the Universe: Revolution

5 episodes
1 season

It's technology versus magic when He-Man and the heroic warriors face the forces of Skeletor and something more in the new epic chapter in the battle for Castle Grayskull!

Cover of the Season 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Season 1

5 episodes
Jan 25, 2024
Coming in 2 months
Profile picture of Diedrich Bader who plays King Randor (voice)
Diedrich Bader
King Randor (voice)
Profile picture of Melissa Benoist who plays Teela (voice)
Melissa Benoist
Teela (voice)
Profile picture of Liam Cunningham who plays Duncan / Man-At-Arms (voice)
Liam Cunningham
Duncan / Man-At-Arms (voice)
Profile picture of Keith David who plays Hordak (voice)
Keith David
Hordak (voice)
Profile picture of Mark Hamill who plays Skeletor (voice)
Mark Hamill
Skeletor (voice)
Profile picture of Lena Headey who plays Evil-Lyn (voice)
Lena Headey
Evil-Lyn (voice)
Profile picture of Griffin Newman who plays Orko (voice)
Griffin Newman
Orko (voice)
Profile picture of William Shatner who plays
William Shatner
Profile picture of Tiffany Smith who plays Andra (voice)
Tiffany Smith
Andra (voice)
Profile picture of Tony Todd who plays Scare-Glow (voice)
Tony Todd
Scare-Glow (voice)
Profile picture of Chris Wood who plays Adam / He-Man (voice)
Chris Wood
Adam / He-Man (voice)
Profile picture of Meg Foster who plays Motherboard (voice)
Meg Foster
Motherboard (voice)
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