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Class Act

7 episodes
1 season
73user score

A relentlessly ambitious working-class man becomes one of France's most controversial public figures in this fictionalized biopic about Bernard Tapie.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

7 episodes
Sep 13, 2023

Profile picture of Laurent Lafitte who plays Bernard Tapie
Laurent Lafitte
Bernard Tapie
Profile picture of Joséphine Japy who plays Dominique Tapie
Joséphine Japy
Dominique Tapie
Profile picture of Patrick d'Assumçao who plays Jean-Baptiste Tapie
Patrick d'Assumçao
Jean-Baptiste Tapie
Profile picture of Ophélia Kolb who plays Michèle Tapie
Ophélia Kolb
Michèle Tapie
Profile picture of Camille Chamoux who plays Nicole
Camille Chamoux
Profile picture of Ivan Murphy who plays Tom
Ivan Murphy
Profile picture of David Talbot who plays Le juge Eric de Montgolfier
David Talbot
Le juge Eric de Montgolfier
Profile picture of Sarah Suco who plays
Sarah Suco
Profile picture of Antoine Reinartz who plays Maître Fabien Bogaert
Antoine Reinartz
Maître Fabien Bogaert
Profile picture of Hakim Jemili who plays Farid Bentarek
Hakim Jemili
Farid Bentarek
Profile picture of Alexandre Blazy who plays Ambulance man
Alexandre Blazy
Ambulance man
Profile picture of Fabrice Luchini who plays Marcel Loiseau
Fabrice Luchini
Marcel Loiseau
Profile picture of Sébastien Chassagne who plays Julien
Sébastien Chassagne
Profile picture of Camille Le Gall who plays Advisor Coupart
Camille Le Gall
Advisor Coupart
Profile picture of Romain Francisco who plays Referee of the VA-OM match
Romain Francisco
Referee of the VA-OM match
Profile picture of Jason Chicandier who plays Gérard
Jason Chicandier
Profile picture of Julien Frison who plays Alexis Clairet de Granval
Julien Frison
Alexis Clairet de Granval
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