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From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke

12 episodes
1 season
73user score

With her gloomy demeanor, Sawako has a hard time fitting in. But when an outgoing classmate approaches her, life takes a turn for the better.

Cover of the Season 2 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke

Season 1

12 episodes
Mar 30, 2023

Profile picture of Sara Minami who plays Sawako Kuronuma
Sara Minami
Sawako Kuronuma
Profile picture of Ouji Suzuka who plays Shōta Kazehaya
Ouji Suzuka
Shōta Kazehaya
Profile picture of Kaito Sakurai who plays Ryū Sanada
Kaito Sakurai
Ryū Sanada
Profile picture of Rinka Kumada who plays Ayane Yano
Rinka Kumada
Ayane Yano
Profile picture of Riho Nakamura who plays Chizuru Yoshida
Riho Nakamura
Chizuru Yoshida
Profile picture of Naho Toda who plays Yōko Kuronuma
Naho Toda
Yōko Kuronuma
Profile picture of Hiroyuki Hirayama who plays Kitao Kuronuma
Hiroyuki Hirayama
Kitao Kuronuma
Profile picture of Shohei Miura who plays Kazuichi Arai
Shohei Miura
Kazuichi Arai
Profile picture of Jin Suzuki who plays Kento Miura
Jin Suzuki
Kento Miura
Profile picture of Atsuhiro Inukai who plays Toru Sanada
Atsuhiro Inukai
Toru Sanada
Profile picture of Kanon who plays Ume Kurumizawa
Ume Kurumizawa
Profile picture of Kosuke Suzuki who plays Soichi "Joe" Jonouchi
Kosuke Suzuki
Soichi "Joe" Jonouchi
Profile picture of Junpei Yasui who plays Genji Sanada
Junpei Yasui
Genji Sanada
Profile picture of Erika Mabuchi who plays Tokieda Kazehaya
Erika Mabuchi
Tokieda Kazehaya
Profile picture of Tetta Sugimoto who plays Shōichirō Kazehaya
Tetta Sugimoto
Shōichirō Kazehaya
Profile picture of Eiji Togashi who plays Noguchi Seiya
Eiji Togashi
Noguchi Seiya
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Content rating
U/A 13+
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