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Community Squad

8 episodes
1 season
70user score

The members of a diverse vigilante group formed to boost the police's image are put in jeopardy when they stumble upon an unexpected drug deal.

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Season 2


We currently have no information regarding season 2.

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Season 1

8 episodes
Feb 17, 2023

Profile picture of Santiago Korovsky who plays Felipe Rozenfeld
Santiago Korovsky
Felipe Rozenfeld
Profile picture of Daniel Hendler who plays Miguel Rossi
Daniel Hendler
Miguel Rossi
Profile picture of Pilar Gamboa who plays Sofia Vega
Pilar Gamboa
Sofia Vega
Profile picture of Martín Garabal who plays Esteban Vargas
Martín Garabal
Esteban Vargas
Profile picture of Charo López who plays Paloma Gutiérrez
Charo López
Paloma Gutiérrez
Profile picture of Hernán Cuevas who plays Johnny De Moraes
Hernán Cuevas
Johnny De Moraes
Profile picture of Renato Condori Sangalli who plays Mario Quispe Gonzáles
Renato Condori Sangalli
Mario Quispe Gonzáles
Profile picture of Marcelo Subiotto who plays Julio García Reynoso
Marcelo Subiotto
Julio García Reynoso
Profile picture of Carlos Belloso who plays Dogo
Carlos Belloso
Profile picture of Agustín Rittano who plays Franco Palacios
Agustín Rittano
Franco Palacios
Profile picture of Sergio Prina who plays Sergio Núñez
Sergio Prina
Sergio Núñez
Profile picture of Fabián Arenillas who plays Daniel Rozenfeld
Fabián Arenillas
Daniel Rozenfeld
Profile picture of Gabriela Izcovich who plays Adriana
Gabriela Izcovich
Profile picture of Camila Peralta who plays Paula Martínez
Camila Peralta
Paula Martínez
Profile picture of Alan Sabbagh who plays Gabriel Kermann
Alan Sabbagh
Gabriel Kermann
Profile picture of Iair Said who plays Ariel Kermann
Iair Said
Ariel Kermann
Profile picture of Jonatan Nugnes who plays Diego Márquez
Jonatan Nugnes
Diego Márquez
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