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24 episodes
2 seasons
82user score

After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan's team struggles to regroup. But what's missing? An absolute Ace Striker, who can guide them to the win. The Japan Football Union is hell-bent on creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, and who can be the decisive instrument in turning around a losing match...and to do so, they've gathered 300 of Japan's best and brightest youth players. Who will emerge to lead the team...and will they be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?

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Season 2


We currently have no information regarding season 2.

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Season 1

24 episodes
Oct 9, 2022

Yoichi Isagi was mere moments away from scoring a goal that would have sent his high school soccer team to the nationals, but a split-second decision to pass the ball to his teammate cost him that reality. Bitter, confused, and disappointed, Isagi wonders if the outcome would have been different had he not made the pass. When the young striker returns home, an invitation from the Japan Football Union awaits him. Through an arbitrary and biased decision-making process, Isagi is one of three hundred U-18 strikers selected for a controversial project named Blue Lock. The project's ultimate goal is to turn one of the selected players into the star striker for the Japanese national team. To find the best participant, each diamond in the rough must compete against others through a series of solo and team competitions to rise to the top.

Profile picture of Kazuki Ura who plays Yoichi Isagi (voice)
Kazuki Ura
Yoichi Isagi (voice)
Profile picture of Tasuku Kaito who plays Meguru Bachira (voice)
Tasuku Kaito
Meguru Bachira (voice)
Profile picture of Yuki Ono who plays Rensuke Kunigami (voice)
Yuki Ono
Rensuke Kunigami (voice)
Profile picture of Soma Saito who plays Hyoma Chigiri (voice)
Soma Saito
Hyoma Chigiri (voice)
Profile picture of Masatomo Nakazawa who plays Wataru Kuon (voice)
Masatomo Nakazawa
Wataru Kuon (voice)
Profile picture of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who plays Jingo Raichi (voice)
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Jingo Raichi (voice)
Profile picture of Shoya Chiba who plays Yudai Imamura (voice)
Shoya Chiba
Yudai Imamura (voice)
Profile picture of Shugo Nakamura who plays Gin Gagamaru (voice)
Shugo Nakamura
Gin Gagamaru (voice)
Profile picture of Daishi Kajita who plays Asahi Naruhaya (voice)
Daishi Kajita
Asahi Naruhaya (voice)
Profile picture of Ryunosuke Watanuki who plays Okuhito Iemon (voice)
Ryunosuke Watanuki
Okuhito Iemon (voice)
Profile picture of Aoi Ichikawa who plays Gurimu Igarashi (voice)
Aoi Ichikawa
Gurimu Igarashi (voice)
Profile picture of Kenichi Suzumura who plays Ryosuke Kira (voice)
Kenichi Suzumura
Ryosuke Kira (voice)
Profile picture of Hiroshi Kamiya who plays Jinpachi Ego (voice)
Hiroshi Kamiya
Jinpachi Ego (voice)
Profile picture of Eri Yukimura who plays Anri Teieri (voice)
Eri Yukimura
Anri Teieri (voice)
Profile picture of Nobunaga Shimazaki who plays Seishiro Nagi (voice)
Nobunaga Shimazaki
Seishiro Nagi (voice)
Profile picture of Yuma Uchida who plays Reo Mikage (voice)
Yuma Uchida
Reo Mikage (voice)
Profile picture of Kazuyuki Okitsu who plays Zantetsu Tsurugi (voice)
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Zantetsu Tsurugi (voice)
Profile picture of Junichi Suwabe who plays Shoei Baro (voice)
Junichi Suwabe
Shoei Baro (voice)
Profile picture of Koki Uchiyama who plays Rin Itoshi (voice)
Koki Uchiyama
Rin Itoshi (voice)
Profile picture of Takahiro Sakurai who plays Sae Itoshi (voice)
Takahiro Sakurai
Sae Itoshi (voice)
Profile picture of Katsuyuki Konishi who plays Jyubei Aryu (voice)
Katsuyuki Konishi
Jyubei Aryu (voice)
Profile picture of Shinnosuke Tachibana who plays Aoshi Tokimitsu (voice)
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Aoshi Tokimitsu (voice)
Profile picture of Natsuki Hanae who plays Ikki Niko (voice)
Natsuki Hanae
Ikki Niko (voice)
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