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Scarlet Hill

8 episodes
1 season
54user score

A businessman brings his fiancée and her young son to a scenic resort, and quickly finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

8 episodes
Nov 4, 2022

The story begins when Luu, a businessman in the tourism business, brings Vy, his fiancée, and baby Bao, her stepson, to Camp Hoa Do to monitor the construction of the resort. nursing. However, since arriving here, Vy's family has continuously encountered strange phenomena. With the body floating on the lake, anyone in the Camp becomes a suspect, opening the way for moments of insecurity on this land.

Profile picture of Cao Thái Hà who plays Vân
Cao Thái Hà
Profile picture of Lê Xuân Tiền who plays Bách
Lê Xuân Tiền
Profile picture of Công Ninh who plays Thầy mo
Công Ninh
Thầy mo
Profile picture of Ngô Phạm Hạnh Thúy who plays Bà Hồng
Ngô Phạm Hạnh Thúy
Bà Hồng
Profile picture of Lê Quốc Nam who plays Chú Mừng
Lê Quốc Nam
Chú Mừng
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