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Under the Queen's Umbrella

16 episodes
1 season
92user score

A spirited queen tries to rein in her rowdy sons in order to make one of them the next king of Joseon, while her competitors vie to snatch the throne.

Cover of the Season 1 of Under the Queen's Umbrella

Season 1

16 episodes
Oct 15, 2022

Profile picture of Kim Hye-soo who plays Queen Im Hwa-ryeong
Kim Hye-soo
Queen Im Hwa-ryeong
Profile picture of Kim Hae-sook who plays Queen Dowager
Kim Hae-sook
Queen Dowager
Profile picture of Choi Won-young who plays King Lee Ho
Choi Won-young
King Lee Ho
Profile picture of Kim Eui-sung who plays Hwang Won-hyeong
Kim Eui-sung
Hwang Won-hyeong
Profile picture of Moon Sang-min who plays Grand Prince Seongnam / Prince Lee Kang
Moon Sang-min
Grand Prince Seongnam / Prince Lee Kang
Profile picture of Ok Ja-yeon who plays First Junior Consort Hwang
Ok Ja-yeon
First Junior Consort Hwang
Profile picture of Kang Chan-hee who plays Prince Uiseong
Kang Chan-hee
Prince Uiseong
Profile picture of Kim Ga-eun who plays Third Senior Consort Tae
Kim Ga-eun
Third Senior Consort Tae
Profile picture of Woo Jung-won who plays First Junior Consort Ko
Woo Jung-won
First Junior Consort Ko
Profile picture of Seo Yi-sook who plays Deposed Queen Yoon
Seo Yi-sook
Deposed Queen Yoon
Profile picture of Jang Hyun-sung who plays Yoon Su-kwang
Jang Hyun-sung
Yoon Su-kwang
Profile picture of Park Jun-myun who plays Senior Court Lady Shin
Park Jun-myun
Senior Court Lady Shin
Profile picture of Yoon Sang-hyeon who plays Grand Prince Muan
Yoon Sang-hyeon
Grand Prince Muan
Profile picture of Yoo Seon-ho who plays Grand Prince Gyeseong
Yoo Seon-ho
Grand Prince Gyeseong
Profile picture of Kim Min-ki who plays Prince Bogeom
Kim Min-ki
Prince Bogeom
Profile picture of Han Dong-hee who plays Crown Princess Min
Han Dong-hee
Crown Princess Min
Profile picture of Seo Woo-jin who plays Grand Heir
Seo Woo-jin
Grand Heir
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