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Suburra: Blood on Rome

24 episodes
4 seasons
74user score

In 2008, a fight over land in a seaside town near Rome spirals into a deadly battle between organized crime, corrupt politicians and the Vatican.

Cover of the Season 4 of Suburra: Blood on Rome

Season 4


There won't be a season 4, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 3 of Suburra: Blood on Rome

Season 3

6 episodes
Oct 30, 2020

Cover of the Season 2 of Suburra: Blood on Rome

Season 2

8 episodes
Feb 22, 2019

As the fight for land, money and power intensifies, Aureliano, Spadino and Lele conspire to seize control of Rome's criminal underworld from Samurai.

Cover of the Season 1 of Suburra: Blood on Rome

Season 1

10 episodes
Oct 6, 2017

Profile picture of Alessandro Borghi who plays Aureliano Adami
Alessandro Borghi
Aureliano Adami
Profile picture of Giacomo Ferrara who plays Alberto "Spadino" Anacleti
Giacomo Ferrara
Alberto "Spadino" Anacleti
Profile picture of Carlotta Antonelli who plays Angelica Sale
Carlotta Antonelli
Angelica Sale
Profile picture of Federica Sabatini who plays Nadia Gravone
Federica Sabatini
Nadia Gravone
Profile picture of Filippo Nigro who plays Amedeo Cinaglia
Filippo Nigro
Amedeo Cinaglia
Profile picture of Adamo Dionisi who plays Manfredi Anacleti
Adamo Dionisi
Manfredi Anacleti
Profile picture of Paola Sotgiu who plays Adelaide Anacleti
Paola Sotgiu
Adelaide Anacleti
Profile picture of Alessandro Bernardini who plays Saverio Guerri
Alessandro Bernardini
Saverio Guerri
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