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The Queen and the Conqueror

60 episodes
1 season
80user score

Years after Spanish conquistador Pedro de Heredia betrayed her people and broke her heart, indigenous woman Catalina reenters his life to get revenge.

Cover of the Season 2 of The Queen and the Conqueror

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of The Queen and the Conqueror

Season 1

60 episodes
May 20, 2020

Profile picture of Emmanuel Esparza who plays Pedro de Heredia
Emmanuel Esparza
Pedro de Heredia
Profile picture of Essined Aponte who plays India Catalina
Essined Aponte
India Catalina
Profile picture of Manuel Navarro who plays Diego Nicuesa
Manuel Navarro
Diego Nicuesa
Profile picture of Álvaro Benet who plays José Buendía
Álvaro Benet
José Buendía
Profile picture of Alejandro Rodriguez who plays Pedro Badillo
Alejandro Rodriguez
Pedro Badillo
Profile picture of Luis Mesa who plays Fernando de Valenzuela
Luis Mesa
Fernando de Valenzuela
Profile picture of Wolframio Sinué who plays Cacique Galeras
Wolframio Sinué
Cacique Galeras
Profile picture of Gilma Escobar who plays Abuela Toto
Gilma Escobar
Abuela Toto
Profile picture of Maia Landaburu who plays Constanza
Maia Landaburu
Profile picture of Alejandro Muñoz who plays Alonso Montes
Alejandro Muñoz
Alonso Montes
Profile picture of Mercedes Salazar who plays Inés
Mercedes Salazar
Profile picture of Angel Bayón who plays Juan Anzula
Angel Bayón
Juan Anzula
Profile picture of Fernando Campo who plays Alberto de Heredia
Fernando Campo
Alberto de Heredia
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