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SKAM Italia

62 episodes
6 seasons
74user score

Millennials experience first love and discover their emerging identities in this teen drama told partly through texts, chats and social media posts.

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Season 7


We currently have no information regarding season 7.

Cover of the Season 6 of SKAM Italia

Season 6

10 episodes
Jan 18, 2024

Season 6 will be the first to focus on a SKAM Italia character without a counterpart from the original Norwegian series, with Asia Giovannelli as the central character. Charismatic, strong, and determined, Asia and her friend group, "The Rebels," will face challenges to their decisive morals and ideals by the arrival of new students, especially Giulio.

Cover of the Season 5 of SKAM Italia

Season 5

10 episodes
Sep 1, 2022

Season 5 is the first to move past the original SKAM storylines, centering around Elia Santini. He struggles with toxic masculinity and sexual intimacy, as well as being forced to repeat his senior year of high school without his friends. Throughout the season, he finds himself drawn to classmate Viola.

Cover of the Season 4 of SKAM Italia

Season 4

10 episodes
May 15, 2020

Season 4 focused on Sana Allagui, a Muslim-Italian girl. She begins to struggle to balance her faith and her friendships, as she begins to develop feelings for her brother's best friend, Malik.

Cover of the Season 3 of SKAM Italia

Season 3

11 episodes
Mar 15, 2019

Season 3 focused on Eleonora Sava. She lives with her older brother, completely independent from their parents, and prides herself on being wise beyond her years. However, her confidence threatens to come crashing down when she has to face her romantic feelings for Edoardo, a popular boy at school.

Cover of the Season 2 of SKAM Italia

Season 2

10 episodes
Oct 12, 2018

Season 2 broke from the traditional SKAM order of central characters by centering on Martino Rametta, a closeted gay teenager who quickly finds himself falling in love with Niccolò. Leaning on his friends Giovanni, Luca, and Elia, Martino begins to embrace who he truly is

Cover of the Season 1 of SKAM Italia

Season 1

11 episodes
Mar 29, 2018

The first season centered around Eva Brighi, a teenage girl who struggles to trust her boyfriend, Giovanni. Eva eventually finds new friends in Eleonora, Federica, Sana, and Silvia, and focuses on herself for a change.

Profile picture of Nicole Rossi who plays Asia Giovannelli
Nicole Rossi
Asia Giovannelli
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Lea Gavino
Viola Loiero
Profile picture of Francesco Centorame who plays Elia Santini
Francesco Centorame
Elia Santini
Profile picture of Yothin Clavenzani who plays Munny
Yothin Clavenzani
Profile picture of Andrea Palma who plays Giulio
Andrea Palma
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