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9 episodes
1 season
54user score

Conned by the same playboy, three women and their families go to his mansion to get answers — and must stay for an investigation when he’s found dead.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has been canceled.

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Season 1

9 episodes
Aug 17, 2022

Profile picture of Fernanda Paes Leme who plays Patrícia Paranhos
Fernanda Paes Leme
Patrícia Paranhos
Profile picture of Maíra Azevedo who plays Bete Oliveira
Maíra Azevedo
Bete Oliveira
Profile picture of Marcelo Médici who plays
Marcelo Médici
Profile picture of Thati Lopes who plays
Thati Lopes
Profile picture of Rômulo Arantes Neto who plays Maurício Paranhos
Rômulo Arantes Neto
Maurício Paranhos
Profile picture of Silvero Pereira who plays Áquila Oliveira
Silvero Pereira
Áquila Oliveira
Profile picture of Gi Uzêda who plays Yara Oliveira
Gi Uzêda
Yara Oliveira
Profile picture of Dhu Moraes who plays
Dhu Moraes
Profile picture of Cézar Maracujá who plays
Cézar Maracujá
Profile picture of Paulo Tiefenthaler who plays Jorginho Peixoto
Paulo Tiefenthaler
Jorginho Peixoto
Profile picture of Eliezer Motta who plays Washington
Eliezer Motta
Profile picture of Gessica Kayane who plays Xandra Zannarah
Gessica Kayane
Xandra Zannarah
Profile picture of Raphael Logam who plays Darlison Oliveira
Raphael Logam
Darlison Oliveira
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