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Remarriage & Desires

8 episodes
1 season
75user score

Through an exclusive matchmaking agency, women strive to marry a desirable bachelor and into the highest echelon of society.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Remarriage & Desires

Season 1

8 episodes
Jul 15, 2022

Profile picture of Kim Hee-seon who plays Seo Hye-seung
Kim Hee-seon
Seo Hye-seung
Profile picture of Lee Hyun-wook who plays Lee Hyung-ju
Lee Hyun-wook
Lee Hyung-ju
Profile picture of Jung Eu-gene who plays Jin Yoo-hui
Jung Eu-gene
Jin Yoo-hui
Profile picture of Park Hoon who plays Cha Seok-jin
Park Hoon
Cha Seok-jin
Profile picture of Cha Ji-yeon who plays Choi Yoo-sun
Cha Ji-yeon
Choi Yoo-sun
Profile picture of Kim So-ra who plays Jung Mi-jin
Kim So-ra
Jung Mi-jin
Profile picture of Nam Myung-ryeol who plays Son Pil-young
Nam Myung-ryeol
Son Pil-young
Profile picture of Kim Yeong-Hoon who plays Choi Sung-jae
Kim Yeong-Hoon
Choi Sung-jae
Profile picture of Kim Yoon-seo who plays Heo Jung-in
Kim Yoon-seo
Heo Jung-in
Profile picture of Kim Sun-kyung who plays Ko Ae-ran
Kim Sun-kyung
Ko Ae-ran
Profile picture of Kim Mi-kyeong who plays Mrs. Noh
Kim Mi-kyeong
Mrs. Noh
Profile picture of Jang Gwang who plays Cha Yong-hwan
Jang Gwang
Cha Yong-hwan
Profile picture of Yoon Suk-hwa who plays Na Mi-ok
Yoon Suk-hwa
Na Mi-ok
Profile picture of Lady Jane who plays Baek Jae-hui
Lady Jane
Baek Jae-hui
Profile picture of Cha Yup who plays Park Jin-soo
Cha Yup
Park Jin-soo
Profile picture of Kim Sa-Kwon who plays Joo Ho-chan
Kim Sa-Kwon
Joo Ho-chan
Profile picture of Back Joo-hee who plays Ha Young-seo
Back Joo-hee
Ha Young-seo
Profile picture of Kim Young-ah who plays Hwang Sung-hui
Kim Young-ah
Hwang Sung-hui
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