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King of Stonks

6 episodes
1 season
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Felix Armand wants to be at the top. Because once he's there, he can finally be a decent human being. After all, he's the damn mastermind behind the most successful FinTech company of all time, and all of Germany: the CableCash AG. Unfortunately, everything is already blowing up in Felix's face during the IPO: Money laundering, investor deception, internet pornography. As a medium-sized company, you certainly don't get applauded for using such methods by the German public.

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

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Season 1

6 episodes
Jul 6, 2022

Profile picture of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht who plays Till Hermann
Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
Till Hermann
Profile picture of Thomas Schubert who plays Felix Armand
Thomas Schubert
Felix Armand
Profile picture of Matthias Brandt who plays Magnus A. Cramer
Matthias Brandt
Magnus A. Cramer
Profile picture of Larissa Sirah Herden who plays Sheila Williams
Larissa Sirah Herden
Sheila Williams
Profile picture of Maryam Zaree who plays Eva Mailand
Maryam Zaree
Eva Mailand
Profile picture of Jasin Challah who plays Alexis
Jasin Challah
Profile picture of Andreas Döhler who plays Tom Wieland
Andreas Döhler
Tom Wieland
Profile picture of Eva Löbau who plays Desirée
Eva Löbau
Profile picture of Thomas Perkins who plays Clay Anderson
Thomas Perkins
Clay Anderson
Profile picture of Uschi Glas who plays Genevieve
Uschi Glas
Profile picture of Christian Tramitz who plays Tony
Christian Tramitz
Profile picture of Sophia Burtscher who plays Alex Erikson
Sophia Burtscher
Alex Erikson
Profile picture of Altine Emini who plays Sascha Renzel
Altine Emini
Sascha Renzel
Profile picture of Thekla Viloo Fliesberg who plays Stefanie
Thekla Viloo Fliesberg
Profile picture of Benjamin Höppner who plays Mark
Benjamin Höppner
Profile picture of Rouven Israel who plays Ali
Rouven Israel
Profile picture of Ricarda Seifried who plays Magda Armand
Ricarda Seifried
Magda Armand
Profile picture of Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg who plays Jutta Katz
Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg
Jutta Katz
Profile picture of Julian Sark who plays Marko
Julian Sark
Profile picture of Felicia Chin-Malenski who plays Janine Lee
Felicia Chin-Malenski
Janine Lee
Profile picture of Kais Setti who plays René Lückenroth
Kais Setti
René Lückenroth
Profile picture of Mehmet Ali Salman who plays Fabian Hermann
Mehmet Ali Salman
Fabian Hermann
Profile picture of Miriam Fiordeponti who plays Angela
Miriam Fiordeponti
Profile picture of Birgit Linauer who plays Renate Armand
Birgit Linauer
Renate Armand
Profile picture of Reinhold G. Moritz who plays Rudolf Armand
Reinhold G. Moritz
Rudolf Armand
Profile picture of Jean-Luc Bubert who plays Klaus Mackmann
Jean-Luc Bubert
Klaus Mackmann
Profile picture of Bibiana Beglau who plays Ariane Cramer
Bibiana Beglau
Ariane Cramer
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