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42 Days of Darkness

6 episodes
1 season
65user score

In a town in Chile, a woman leads a frantic search to find her missing sister amid a media storm and the police investigation. Inspired by a true case.

Cover of the Season 2 of 42 Days of Darkness

Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of 42 Days of Darkness

Season 1

6 episodes
May 11, 2022

Profile picture of Aline Küppenheim who plays Verónica María Montes
Aline Küppenheim
Verónica María Montes
Profile picture of Claudia di Girólamo who plays Cecilia Montes Del Río
Claudia di Girólamo
Cecilia Montes Del Río
Profile picture of Pablo Macaya who plays Víctor Pizarro
Pablo Macaya
Víctor Pizarro
Profile picture of Daniel Alcaíno who plays Mario Medina
Daniel Alcaíno
Mario Medina
Profile picture of Amparo Noguera who plays Nora Figueroa
Amparo Noguera
Nora Figueroa
Profile picture of Monserrat Lira who plays Karen Medina
Monserrat Lira
Karen Medina
Profile picture of Julia Lübbert who plays Karen Medina
Julia Lübbert
Karen Medina
Profile picture of Néstor Cantillana who plays Braulio Sánchez
Néstor Cantillana
Braulio Sánchez
Profile picture of Claudio Arredondo who plays Commissioner Manuel Toledo
Claudio Arredondo
Commissioner Manuel Toledo
Profile picture of Daniela Pino who plays Detective Paula Asenjo
Daniela Pino
Detective Paula Asenjo
Profile picture of Gloria Münchmeyer who plays Berta Del Río
Gloria Münchmeyer
Berta Del Río
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