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Pen Tor

842 episodes
11 seasons
88user score

A successful man at a publishing company tries to rekindle his romance with an ex-girlfriend as those around him also search for love amidst conflict.

Cover of the Season 12 of Pen Tor

Season 12


We currently have no information regarding season 12.

Cover of the Season 11 of Pen Tor

Season 11

24 episodes
Jan 4, 2024

Cover of the Season 10 of Pen Tor

Season 10

48 episodes
Jan 6, 2023

Cover of the Season 9 of Pen Tor

Season 9

47 episodes
Feb 4, 2022

Cover of the Season 8 of Pen Tor

Season 8

40 episodes
Jan 9, 2021

Cover of the Season 7 of Pen Tor

Season 7

44 episodes
Jan 11, 2020

Cover of the Season 6 of Pen Tor

Season 6

46 episodes
Jan 17, 2019

Cover of the Season 5 of Pen Tor

Season 5

49 episodes
Jan 11, 2018

Cover of the Season 4 of Pen Tor

Season 4

47 episodes
Jan 5, 2017

Cover of the Season 3 of Pen Tor

Season 3

105 episodes
Oct 2, 2014

Cover of the Season 2 of Pen Tor

Season 2

26 episodes
Dec 20, 2012

Cover of the Season 1 of Pen Tor

Season 1

375 episodes
Oct 7, 2004

Profile picture of Shahkrit Yamnarm who plays Pentor
Shahkrit Yamnarm
Profile picture of Pimmada Boriruksuppakorn who plays Porjai
Pimmada Boriruksuppakorn
Profile picture of Son Yuke Songpaisan who plays Kunthep [2012-2016]
Son Yuke Songpaisan
Kunthep [2012-2016]
Profile picture of Kitti Cheawwongkul who plays Wok
Kitti Cheawwongkul
Profile picture of Mayurin Pongpudpunth who plays Thip
Mayurin Pongpudpunth
Profile picture of Vichuda Pindum who plays Mint
Vichuda Pindum
Profile picture of Thongthong Mokjok who plays Golf
Thongthong Mokjok
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