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Back to 15

12 episodes
2 seasons
66user score

Unhappy at work and in her personal life, Anita discovers a way to travel back to age 15. What will she change in her past?

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Season 3


We currently have no information regarding season 3.

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Season 2

6 episodes
Jul 5, 2023

30-year-old Anita needs to go back to age 15 to try to fix the life of her sister, Luiza. However, Joel has hacked her Floguinho account and has also become a time traveler. After a disastrous day of meddling in everyone’s lives, Anita returns to 2021 only to discover her perfect day in Paris with Henrique no longer happened. Everything is different. What now? Anita and Joel need to join forces and put everything back on track and fix the future. In the midst of all this, she still has to decide who she wants to stick with: the romantic Henrique, her partner Joel…or the improbable and irresistible Fabrício.

Cover of the Season 1 of Back to 15

Season 1

6 episodes
Feb 25, 2022

Profile picture of Maisa Silva who plays Anita (Young)
Maisa Silva
Anita (Young)
Profile picture of Camila Queiroz who plays Anita (Adult)
Camila Queiroz
Anita (Adult)
Profile picture of Amanda Azevedo who plays Luiza (Young)
Amanda Azevedo
Luiza (Young)
Profile picture of Mariana Rios who plays Luiza (Adult)
Mariana Rios
Luiza (Adult)
Profile picture of Caio Cabral who plays Henrique (Young)
Caio Cabral
Henrique (Young)
Profile picture of Breno Ferreira who plays Henrique (Adult)
Breno Ferreira
Henrique (Adult)
Profile picture of Klara Castanho who plays Carol (Young)
Klara Castanho
Carol (Young)
Profile picture of Nila who plays César / Camila (Young)
César / Camila (Young)
Profile picture of Alice Marcone who plays César / Camila (Adult)
Alice Marcone
César / Camila (Adult)
Profile picture of Antonio Carrara who plays Joel (Young)
Antonio Carrara
Joel (Young)
Profile picture of João Guilherme Ávila who plays Fabrício (Young)
João Guilherme Ávila
Fabrício (Young)
Profile picture of Bruno Montaleone who plays Fabrício (Adult)
Bruno Montaleone
Fabrício (Adult)
Profile picture of Gabriel Wiedemann who plays Eduardo (Young)
Gabriel Wiedemann
Eduardo (Young)
Profile picture of Fabricio Licursi who plays Eduardo (Adult)
Fabricio Licursi
Eduardo (Adult)
Profile picture of Gabriel Stauffer who plays Joel (Adult)
Gabriel Stauffer
Joel (Adult)
Profile picture of Lucca Picon who plays Douglas (Young)
Lucca Picon
Douglas (Young)
Profile picture of Rafael Coimbra who plays Douglas (Adult)
Rafael Coimbra
Douglas (Adult)
Profile picture of Maite Schneider who plays Dani
Maite Schneider
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