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Super Crooks

13 episodes
1 season
66user score

Johnny Bolt recruits a group of ragtag supervillains for one last heist. Their target: A ruthless super-powered crime boss. What can go wrong?

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Season 2


There won't be a season 2, the show has ended.

Cover of the Season 1 of Super Crooks

Season 1

13 episodes
Nov 25, 2021

Profile picture of Kenjiro Tsuda who plays Johnny Bolt (voice)
Kenjiro Tsuda
Johnny Bolt (voice)
Profile picture of Maaya Sakamoto who plays Kasey (voice)
Maaya Sakamoto
Kasey (voice)
Profile picture of Yasushi Kimura who plays Carmine (voice)
Yasushi Kimura
Carmine (voice)
Profile picture of Hiroshi Yanaka who plays Christopher Matts (voice)
Hiroshi Yanaka
Christopher Matts (voice)
Profile picture of Pierre Taki who plays The Gladiator (voice)
Pierre Taki
The Gladiator (voice)
Profile picture of Junichi Suwabe who plays Josh (voice)
Junichi Suwabe
Josh (voice)
Profile picture of Hisao Egawa who plays The Salamander (voice)
Hisao Egawa
The Salamander (voice)
Profile picture of Eiji Takemoto who plays TK McCabe (voice)
Eiji Takemoto
TK McCabe (voice)
Profile picture of Subaru Kimura who plays Sammy Diesel (voice)
Subaru Kimura
Sammy Diesel (voice)
Profile picture of Tetsu Inada who plays Roddy Diesel (voice)
Tetsu Inada
Roddy Diesel (voice)
Profile picture of Wataru Hatano who plays the Praetorian (voice)
Wataru Hatano
the Praetorian (voice)
Profile picture of KENN who plays Forecast (voice)
Forecast (voice)
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