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143 episodes
13 seasons
81user score

Hunter, author, cook and conservationist Steven Rinella treks into the world's most remote, beautiful regions, bringing game meat from field to table.

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Season 13


We currently have no information regarding season 13.

Cover of the Season 12 of MeatEater

Season 12

6 episodes
Oct 12, 2023

Cover of the Season 11 of MeatEater

Season 11

8 episodes
Oct 26, 2022

Watch Steve chase moose in Alaska with Clay Newcomb, spearfish in Hawaii with Kimi Werner, shoot ducks in Louisiana with Jean-Paul Bourgeois, and get into many more nature-fueled adventures along the way.

Cover of the Season 10 of MeatEater

Season 10

10 episodes
Sep 29, 2021

Steven's quest for delicious game in far-flung locales takes him to the Rockies and the Ozarks as well as Pennsylvania, South Texas and Wyoming.

Cover of the Season 9 of MeatEater

Season 9

10 episodes
Sep 23, 2020

Steve's latest hunt-to-table adventures include eventful trips to Colorado, Texas and Wyoming — where he prepares savory dishes — and sets his sights on game such as mule deer, duck, wild turkey, bear and moose in travels that take him to hunting hot spots across the US.

Cover of the Season 8 of MeatEater

Season 8

8 episodes
Oct 18, 2019

Steve's journeys in search of such delicious game meat as venison and mutton take him as far afield as Mexico and Alaska.

Cover of the Season 7 of MeatEater

Season 7

17 episodes
Oct 2, 2018

Steven Rinella returns for more hunting and cooking expeditions in rugged locales with friends that include the likes of comedian Joe Rogan.

Cover of the Season 6 of MeatEater

Season 6

16 episodes
Jan 14, 2016

Steven cooks dove and pigeon on a grill in Virginia, hunts mule deer in Idaho and guides white-tailed deer hunters on a private ranch in Wisconsin.

Cover of the Season 5 of MeatEater

Season 5

16 episodes
Jan 8, 2015

Steven hunts moose in the Yukon and sandhill cranes in Texas and learns traditional hunting and fishing techniques in the Bolivian jungle.

Cover of the Season 4 of MeatEater

Season 4

18 episodes
Jan 9, 2014

Cover of the Season 3 of MeatEater

Season 3

16 episodes
Jan 6, 2013

Cover of the Season 2 of MeatEater

Season 2

8 episodes
Jul 1, 2012

Cover of the Season 1 of MeatEater

Season 1

10 episodes
Jan 1, 2012

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